HoneyMoney - Your Croatia Honeymoon Wedding Registry

We all know weddings are expensive and saving for a honeymoon is just one of a long list of expenses. At the same time, making your wedding registry choices at your local department store may seem a chore and less relevant today. Many of us already have enough toaster ovens and food processors! Why not allow your friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon instead?

Unforgettable Experiences, not Kitchen Appliances!

When you arrange a honeymoon with us we will set up a special page here on CroatiaHoneymoon.com. You can direct your wedding guests to it and they can make a secure payment to cover part of the cost of your honeymoon. They can purchase something from your honeymoon wishlist or choose to pay the amount of their choice against the overall price of the trip. It’s a wedding wishlist of unforgettable experiences, not flatware and kitchen appliances!

What our newlywed guests are saying about us...

Holly & MichaelHolly & Michael, Boston, MA

"JayWay made our honeymoon planning so carefree: once we got to Croatia we knew everything was already taken care of! We enjoyed all of the extra excursions and insider knowledge suggested to us as well as all of the hotels and apartments we stayed at. To think of planning a trip of this magnitude while also planning my wedding was overwhelming. I am so very thankful for JayWay and the team that helped make our honeymoon so memorable."

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